About the Hao Lab

The Hao laboratory combines quantitative single-cell imaging, microfluidic technology and computational modeling to study the mechanisms by which living organisms respond to environmental changes, aging or diseases.

In particular, our current work focuses on:(1) decoding signal dynamics in cellular stress responses; (2) understanding the dynamics of cellular aging; and (3) quantifying heterogeneous dynamics in cancer cells.

We aim at building a research environment that enables a close coupling between experiment and theory and fosters the expansion of scientific expertise of each member in the laboratory.

Positions Available

    The laboratory currently has positions available for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows.

    We welcome applications from individuals with a solid background in biology, physics, or bioengineering, and a strong interest in developing a scientific career in quantitative systems biology.

    People with experience on mammalian cell culture are especially encouraged to apply.

What’s New

9.30 2016

Our paper about paralog transcription factors is published in eLife. Congrats to Zohreh, Joydeb and Omar!

9.19 2016

Sorn gets the best TA award. Congrats to Sorn!

9.19 2016

Zohreh gets the best oral presentation award in the biology retreat. Congrats to Zohreh!

5.15 2016

We've been awarded an NSF grant to study synthetic biology of aging.

4.4 2016

Welcome undergraduates Yutian Li and Gary Le to the lab.

3.30 2016

Our lab moves to Bonner Hall.

3.9 2016

Joydeb gets an offer from Stanford. Congratulations!

1.11 2016

Welcome graduate student Julie Roberts to the lab.

6.22 2015

Welcome BS/MS student Gavin Shih to the lab.

4.10 2015

Welcome undergraduate Nina Escueta to the lab.

4.8 2015

Welcome graduate student Anusorn Mudla to the lab.

2.1 2015

Welcome postdoc Omar Tabbaa to the lab.

8.15 2014

We've been awarded an NIH R01 grant to study the dynamics of transcriptional regulation.

6.15 2014

Welcome postdoc Yang Li to the lab.

6.1 2014

Welcome BS/MS student Joydeb Sinha and Bioengineering undergraduate Jonathan Gan to the lab.

10.15 2013

Welcome undergraduates Ali Al Madhhachi and Laya Dasari to the lab.

10.1 2013

Welcome graduate student Zohreh AkhavanAghdam to the lab.

8.1 2013

The Hao lab starts at UCSD.